The History of Life on Earth - Crash Course Ecology #1

Published in: youtube > CrashCourse > ecology for kids | Published on 06/Nov/2018 07:11

With a solid understanding of biology on the small scale under our belts, it's time for the long view - for the next twelve weeks, we'll be learning how the living ...

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KASÖ feat Désiré FRANCOIS - POLLUTION (clip officiel 2017)

Published in: youtube > Kasö TV > pollution | Published on 17/Aug/2018 09:48

la plus grande des menaces : La Pollution qui détruit notre planète. La légende Mauricienne Désiré FRANCOIS (pour la première fois sur un riddim reggae !! et KASÖ la star montante du...

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Geochemistry and the Biosphere , Academician Vladimir Vernadsky PhD & Frank B. Salisbury PhD

Published in: itune > Chemistry,Books,Science & Nature,Physics,Life Sciences,Earth Sciences,Environment,Nature,Ecology > Environment care | Published on 12/Aug/2018 00:57

The classic works by the renowned Russian scientist who published the first edition of The Biosphere in 1926. This unabridged translation is made from the 1944 edition and translated from the Russian alongside his other most important book Essays on Geochemistry. In these two volumes, Vernadsky details humanity's impact on the living systems of the pla...[Read More]

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Prof. David Newby - Air Pollution and Heart Attacks

Published in: youtube > The University of Edinburgh > pollution | Published on 05/Aug/2018 11:29

Professor David Newby, Director of the Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility, presents the second lecture in the 2014 Our Changing World series, entitled "Air Pollution and Heart Attacks". ...

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Hong Kong Green Drinks

Published in: facebook > group > environmental management | Published on 30/Jul/2018 06:21

Hong Kong Green Drinks Where environmentally and socially conscious people come to meet! This page helps to continue the conversation outside of the events. It is NOT A PLACE TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES. Green Drinks is an informal monthly opportunity for anyone interested in CSR, social / environmental justice issues, sustainable development etc. to meet, chat, and network. It is he...[Read More]

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An Ecology of Enchantment A Year in the Life of a Garden

Published in: Google Books > Biography & Autobiography > Ecology | Published on 19/Jul/2018 21:35

336 pages , Greystone Books , 2008
For the past 36 years, Des Kennedy and his family have lived largely outside their hand-built house in intimate contact with the Earth ?aits creatures, its changing seasons, and its weather patterns. In this charming bookOCOs 52 chapters, Kennedyabrings readers deep into his garden, week by week, from winterOCOs dormancy to summerOCOs s...[Read More]

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Electric Cars & Global Warming Emissions

Published in: youtube > Union of Concerned Scientists > global warming | Published on 07/Apr/2018 17:45

Everyone knows electric cars are cleaner than gasoline vehicles—but just how much cleaner? This video explores the global warming emissions of EVs on a lifecycle basis, from the manufacturing...

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RAYMOND WILLIAMS: Ecology & the Labour Movement

Published in: youtube > Richard Wise > Ecology | Published on 13/Mar/2018 21:07

Ecology & the Labour Movement A talk given by Raymond Williams at the Plinston Hall, Letchworth 2nd June 1984 Organised by the Socialist Environment & Resources Association.

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Extractive Industries and Sustainable Development An Evaluation of World Bank Group Experience

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > environmental sustainability | Published on 13/Mar/2018 06:00

236 pages , World Bank Publications , 2005-01-01
The World Bank Group (WBG) has the potential to improve the contribution of extractive industries (EI) to sustainable development and poverty reduction. However, this report by the WBG's operations evaluation departments finds that although its EI projects have produced positive economic and financial results, it has not b...[Read More]

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Environmental Engineer: Typical Day- Penny Wirsing Career Girls Role Model

Published in: youtube > careergirls > environmental engineering | Published on 20/Feb/2018 20:42

Learn about a typical day as an environmental engineer. Penny Wirsing, ExxonMobil Environmental Engineer in Los Angeles, shares valuable environmental engineering career guidance and life advice...

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The Children's Culture Reader

Published in: Google Books > Family & Relationships > ecology for kids | Published on 17/Feb/2018 19:22

532 pages , NYU Press , 1998-10-01
Stock market euphoria and blind faith in the post cold war economy have driven the topic of poverty from popular and scholarly discussion in the United States. At the same time the gap between the rich and poor has never been wider. The New Poverty Studies critically examines the new war against the poor that has accompanied the rise of...[Read More]

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Ensuring Environmental Sustainability-Awareness Campaign

Published in: youtube > Luis Otero > environmental sustainability | Published on 31/Jan/2018 05:40

This is an awareness video created by a group of students at The George Washington University with the intentions to bring attention to an issue that is becoming more and more prominent in...

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