Ecological Pharmacology

Published in: youtube > TheHerbPharm > Ecology | Published on 16/May/2018 05:12

Humans and plants have co-evolved since the beginning of time. This thought-provoking lecture by former National Institutes of Health (NIH) researcher Dr. Kevin Spelman examines our evolutionary...

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Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park || Environmental Education Center

Published in: youtube > ConservancyCVNP > environmental education | Published on 14/May/2018 02:32

A video that describes the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center in Peninsula, Ohio, within Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The CVEEC is run by the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National...

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GATE School | Air Pollution in Environmental Engineering

Published in: youtube > GATE SCHOOL > environmental engineering | Published on 30/Apr/2018 15:05

This is a sample video by GATE School on the topic of Environmental Engineering, a subject in Civil Engineering. This video is targeting at Civil aspirants for GATE. To know more about the...

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Chemical Parameters for Water | Environmental Engineering

Published in: youtube > APSED > environmental engineering | Published on 17/Apr/2018 04:35

Here I have talked about the Chemical parameters for water including Total Solids, Suspended Solids and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). I have tried to explain pH also by taking some example...

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The Bottle and The Biosphere with Wolfgang Brunner

Published in: youtube > SWEDESD at Uppsala University > Earth biosphere | Published on 30/Mar/2018 02:12

Wolfgang Brunner is a teacher and programme specialist for the Education for Strong Sustainability and Agency (ESSA) programme. The ESSA programme supports practitioners to develop and apply...

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The Baby-Sitters Club #57: Dawn Saves the Planet

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Fiction > ecology for kids | Published on 25/Mar/2018 14:16

160 pages , Scholastic Inc. , 2014-05-27
The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Dawn thinks studying ecology is so cool. For a science project, she and Stacey are even teaching an ecology class for some of their baby-sitting charges. It's fun to get kids excited about cleaning up the Earth. But Dawn isn't through yet. She wants t...[Read More]

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A Sand County Almanac With Other Essays on Conservation from Round River

Published in: Google Books > Nature > environmental issues | Published on 24/Mar/2018 15:52

269 pages , Random House Digital, Inc. , 1970
Approaches the prevalent issues in ecology from an aesthetic viewpoint, stressing the beauty and balance of nature.

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Personal Care Compounds in the Environment Pathways, Fate and Methods for Determination

Published in: Google Books > Science > Environment care | Published on 19/Mar/2018 01:27

263 pages , John Wiley & Sons , 2007-02-27
Here, the most important classes of toxic chemicals from personal care compounds are systematically covered, from cosmetics to plastics additives to pharmaceuticals. For each substance, data on toxicity and bioaccumulation in various ecosystems are given. This first comprehensive treatment of personal care environmental toxins i...[Read More]

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Deep Life The Hunt for the Hidden Biology of Earth, Mars, and Beyond

Published in: Google Books > Science > Earth biosphere | Published on 08/Mar/2018 11:03

512 pages , Princeton University Press , 2016-10-25
Deep Life takes readers to uncharted regions deep beneath Earth's crust in search of life in extreme environments and reveals how astonishing new discoveries by geomicrobiologists are helping the quest to find life in the solar system. Tullis Onstott, named one of the 100 most influential people in America by Time magaz...[Read More]

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A Dictionary of Ecology , Michael Allaby

Published in: itune > Life Sciences,Books,Science & Nature,Reference,Ecology > Sustainability | Published on 03/Mar/2018 07:55

Fully revised, updated, and expanded, with over 300 new entries that include beach replenishment, delta method, urban heat island, and zonal soils, this new edition of A Dictionary of Ecology is invaluable to students of ecology, biology, and environmental and conservation studies, as well as the general reader with an interest in the natural world.

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Science and environmental education towards the integration of science education, experimental science activities and environmental education

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental education | Published on 02/Mar/2018 20:05

406 pages , Peter Lang Pub Inc , 2008
This book tries to bridge the gap between science and environmental education by describing a set of projects, initiatives and field activities, which aim at raising awareness on the environment and encourage action. Via the descriptions of approaches, methods and projects, it shows how different organisations have been linking scien...[Read More]

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The 1001: A Nature Trust

Published in: wikipedia > english > The 1001: A Nature Trust | Published on 20/Feb/2018 01:48

The 1001: A Nature Trust, whose contributors are sometimes referred to as The 1001 Club, is a financial endowment that helps fund the World Wide Fund for Nature. It was established in 1970 by the then head of the WWF, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, with help from Anton Rupert, a South African entrepreneur.

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