Comprehensive Neonatal Nursing Care Fifth Edition

Published in: Google Books > Medical > Environment care | Published on 16/May/2018 05:01

997 pages , Springer Publishing Company , 2013-08-21

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Bumblebees Behaviour, Ecology, and Conservation

Published in: Google Books > Nature > ecology for kids | Published on 28/Apr/2018 06:54

317 pages , Oxford University Press on Demand , 2010
Bumblebees are familiar and charismatic insects, occurring throughout much of the world. They are increasingly being used as a model organism for studying a wide range of ecological and behavioural concepts, such as social organization, optimal foraging theories, host-parasite interactions, and pollination. Since the p...[Read More]

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Generate Bitcoin 0.02 - 0.5 BTC (Update 2018)

Published in: youtube > Bitcoin Ripple > ecology for kid | Published on 23/Apr/2018 09:44 = Generate Bitcoin Generate Bitcoin 0.02 - 0.5 BTC (Update 2018) Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Monero Ripple --------------------------- phate dudh se rasgulla...

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Dolphin drive hunting

Published in: wikipedia > english > Dolphin drive hunting | Published on 25/Mar/2018 14:30

Dolphin drive hunting, also called dolphin drive fishing, is a method of hunting dolphins and occasionally other small cetaceans by driving them together with boats and then usually into a bay or onto a beach. Their escape is prevented by closing off the route to the open sea or ocean with boats and nets. Dolphins are hunted this way in several places around the world, including the Solomon Island...[Read More]

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Ecology - Biogeochemical Cycles

Published in: youtube > Vanita Vance > Ecology | Published on 14/Mar/2018 16:45

Video notes on biogeochemical cycles - nitrogen, carbon, & phosphorus.

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I Love God's Green Earth Devotions for Kids Who Want to Take Care of God's Creation

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Nonfiction > ecology for kids | Published on 24/Feb/2018 15:46

184 pages , Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. , 2010
Provides a series of ninety daily devotionals about environmental issues from a Christian perspective, including scriptural verses, information, ideas about the religious implications of the facts, suggestions for related activities, and jokes.

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Biodiversity Convention Office

Published in: wikipedia > english > Biodiversity Convention Office | Published on 03/Feb/2018 19:50

Canada's Biodiversity Convention Office (BCO) serves as National Focal Point for the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity and the Canadian Biodiversity Strategy. BCO also provides a leadership role in the Biodiversity Conservation Working Group of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation and in the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) working group of the Arctic Council...[Read More]

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