How To Recycle Paper

Published in: youtube > A1Team > recycling | Published on 05/Jun/2018 00:01

I'll show you how to recycle used paper. It's just a little diy project for your kids/students. You can add food colors or small flowers in order to make original paper for love letters, greetings,...

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Colonial commodity fiat

Published in: wikipedia > english > Colonial commodity fiat | Published on 29/May/2018 10:45

Colonial commodity fiat was the process whereby a colonising European power would define an arbitrary price for natural resources. This process diminished the colonised nation's natural capital.

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Earthwatch Institute

Published in: wikipedia > english > Earthwatch Institute | Published on 23/May/2018 16:37

Earthwatch Institute is an international environmental charity founded as Educational Expeditions International in 1971 near Boston (USA) by Robert A. Citron and Clarence Truesdale, then superintendent of Vermont public schools. It is one of the largest global underwriters of scientific field research in archaeology, paleontology, marine life, biodiversity, ecosystems and wildlife. For over forty ...[Read More]

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UWBAP - Best Practices 2011 - Environmental Sustainability

Published in: youtube > BAP UWTV > environmental sustainability | Published on 11/May/2018 18:17

This camera had internal sound issues. Apologies for the annoying mechanized background noise. April 15~16 BAP Regional Conference Portland, Oregon Embassy Suites Filmed by Brian Nguyen.

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The Boy with a Drum

Published in: Google Books > > recycling | Published on 05/May/2018 18:32

Western Publishing Company , 1971-01-01

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Industrial Composting Environmental Engineering and Facilities Management

Published in: Google Books > Nature > environmental engineering | Published on 26/Apr/2018 19:06

340 pages , CRC Press , 2011-02-08
The ultimate in recycling, composting has been in use in some form since ancient times. A well-managed composting facility should exist as a good neighbor contributing to ecology. However, since local populations often perceive risks if a composting facility is built nearby, composting facilities must be designed and operated with minim...[Read More]

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Sun Chips...take care of the environment

Published in: youtube > YagamiWay94 > Environment care | Published on 25/Apr/2018 22:56

Yeah!!I'm a hippie!! yeah men thy have it!! Rights Reserved Sun Chips and eat more sun chps!! They are takin' care of da planet...

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Statistical Methods for Environmental Pollution Monitoring

Published in: Google Books > Nature > pollution | Published on 10/Apr/2018 00:41

336 pages , John Wiley & Sons , 1987-02-15
This book discusses a broad range of statistical design and analysis methods that are particularly well suited to pollution data. It explains key statistical techniques in easy-to-comprehend terms and uses practical examples, exercises, and case studies to illustrate procedures. Dr. Gilbert begins by discussing a space-time fram...[Read More]

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R&B: Professor Richard Schwartz interviews Dr. E. Soloway of AIES

Published in: youtube > RootandBranchAssnLtd > ecology for kid | Published on 09/Apr/2018 04:22

R&B: Professor Richard Schwartz interviews Dr. Elaine Soloway of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies at Kibbutz Ketura ABOUT DR. ELAINE SOLOWAY:

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Vehicle Air Pollution Control

Published in: youtube > Conroy Cheers > pollution | Published on 05/Apr/2018 07:30

Air pollution from road vehicles is a serious problem. Each vehicle releases a different amount of pollution, some significantly more than others. Until now, there has been no tool available...

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Temporary and Permanent Hardness of Water | Environmental Engineering

Published in: youtube > APSED > environmental engineering | Published on 28/Mar/2018 07:28

Here I have talked about the Hardness of water including both temporary and permanent hardness and how to calculate it. Hello everyone, hope you liked the video. This is an educational platform...

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The Global Warming Express

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Fiction > global warming | Published on 26/Jan/2018 09:46

132 pages , 2017-09
The Earth is in peril--through pollution, global warming, oil spills, and tragic neglect of the environment. Those who respond first are the animals. There is The Fluff, a penguin; Creamy, a harp seal; Tomas, a black bear; Flora, a polar bear; and Lady Athabasca, a whooping crane, among others. Each of them has suffered from global warming and the neglect of ...[Read More]

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