Environmental Conservation, The 4 R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respond

Published in: youtube > KidsEduc – Kids Educational Games > ecology for kids | Published on 06/Nov/2018 01:12

Meet Cady and her friends in the bayou of Louisiana. The environment is changing and Cady wants to know what she can do to help. Kids Educ SUBSCRIBE ...

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Health Care and the Changing Economic Environment

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > Environment care | Published on 06/Aug/2018 00:46

161 pages , Free Press , 1986

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Integrated Resource and Environmental Management The Human Dimension

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > environmental management | Published on 03/Aug/2018 13:29

290 pages , CABI , 2004
Integrated Resource and Environmental Management (IREM) can be defined as both a management process and a philosophy, that takes into account the many values associated with natural resources within a particular area. This book presents an overview and history of natural resource management, from a global perspective. It discusses the challenges f...[Read More]

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World Oceans Day 2015: Fight Ocean Pollution!

Published in: youtube > Georgia Aquarium > pollution | Published on 28/Jul/2018 11:22

This World Oceans Day, we need your help to fight ocean pollution and marine debris! The extreme threat of marine debris with its devastating effects on marine life has been recognized by...

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Climate Change: Adaptation, Mitigation, Resilience

Published in: facebook > group > environmental management | Published on 22/Jul/2018 22:15

Climate Change: Adaptation, Mitigation, Resilience - an ideablog for better living in the Anthropocene, sharing and discussing multidisciplinary solutions to the complex world and times we live in, both in the short-term and the long-term. HOUSE RULES: This stream is *extremely* active, and I advise you to turn down notification frequency in your personal settings. Complaints will be solved with ...[Read More]

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Published in: youtube > Chuma Soko > alternative power | Published on 29/Jun/2018 15:06

Hi guys, Here is another quick share and first wash day of the year. I wanted to set it off with a fresh start and thought doing an apple cider vinegar rinse (ACV) would be the best way...

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Bachelor of Engineering, Environmental Engineering (B.Eng) - All for the Future

Published in: youtube > Xamk - Kaakkois-Suomen ammattikorkeakoulu > environmental engineering | Published on 24/Jun/2018 19:12

Environmental Engineering (EE) program gives you a wide approach to environmental field as profession. You will learn causes, consequences and prevention of environmental problems. To safeguard...

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Handbook of Road Ecology

Published in: Google Books > Science > ecology for kids | Published on 02/Jun/2018 22:08

552 pages , John Wiley & Sons , 2015-06-15
Explains hest-practices based on a number of successful international case studies.

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Climate Science Debate : Global Warming Alarmist VS. Global Warming Skeptic

Published in: youtube > CheckThrice2 > global warming | Published on 11/May/2018 08:21

Dr. Scott Denning VS. Dr. Roy Spencer . A balanced respectful climate science debate at last. July 7, 2011: Scott Denning, PhD, Professor of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University...

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Food Chain, Food Web and Ecological Pyramids - 3 Key Concepts in 1 Lecture

Published in: youtube > Examrace > Ecology | Published on 08/May/2018 03:36

In this lecture you will learn what are food chains, food webs and ecological pyramids. She further explains the 3 types of ecological pyramids like pyramid of number, pyramid of biomass and...

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One Hundred Lawn Care Ideas A Spotlight on Trouble-Free Lawn Care Solutions

Published in: Google Books > > ecology for kids | Published on 04/May/2018 06:07

42 pages , Createspace Independent Publishing Platform , 2015-11-04
Keeping your lawn in great condition might be pretty difficult. Bad airflow and inconsistent sun light from high garden walls and fences ensure it is rare to find the perfect garden. Here are some sound advice to give your lawn the care it deserves.

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Panarchy Synopsis Understanding Transformations in Human and Natural Systems

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > environmental management | Published on 23/Apr/2018 03:42

64 pages , Island Press , 2002-08-01
‘Panarchy’ is a new term coined from the name of the Greek god Pan, a symbol of universal nature and associated with unpredictable change. It represents an alternative framework for managing the issues that emerge from the interaction between people and nature. That interaction generates countless surprises, often the result of sl...[Read More]

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