Fighting with Angels

Published in: Google Books > Fiction > alternative power | Published on 17/May/2018 05:26

251 pages , Tate Publishing , 2009-12-01
Dr. Noah Crawford, a former NASA scientist, discovers that what he thought was a new form of energy is actually a portal to the spiritual realm. He, his employees, and his family find themselves on a collision course with the devil as they join the unknown land of angels and their demonic adversaries.

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Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics From Air Pollution to Climate Change

Published in: Google Books > Science > pollution | Published on 03/May/2018 23:42

1152 pages , John Wiley & Sons , 2016-03-29
Expanded and updated with new findings and new features New chapter on Global Climate providing a self-contained treatment of climate forcing, feedbacks, and climate sensitivity New chapter on Atmospheric Organic Aerosols and new treatment of the statistical method of Positive Matrix Factorization Updated treatments of physical...[Read More]

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World Wide Views on Global Warming

Published in: wikipedia > english > World Wide Views on Global Warmi | Published on 10/Apr/2018 20:13

World Wide Views on Global Warming: A global project initiated by The Danish Board of Technology on the occasion of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) held in Copenhagen December 2009. World Wide Views on Global Warming (or just WWViews) was an international citizens involvement project based on methods developed by The Danish Board of Technology for the purpose of involving citi...[Read More]

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Advances in Ecological Research

Published in: Google Books > Science > Ecology | Published on 23/Mar/2018 01:40

410 pages , Academic Press , 1993-06-10
The six articles in this issue of Advances in Ecological Research cover a wide spectrum of ecology to ecology to munities, the discussion of vegetation change on a longer time scale, and the significance of conservation, especially in the industrialized world. S.J. Hall and D.G. Raff provide something of interest to all ecologists....[Read More]

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Published in: youtube > StudyHUB > environmental engineering | Published on 16/Mar/2018 05:09


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Levels of Organization in Ecology

Published in: youtube > Scientist Cindy > Ecology | Published on 05/Mar/2018 11:51

This video is a short tutorial about the levels of organization in ecology and environmental biology. It begins at the level of the individual and ends at the highest level of ecological organizati...

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Welcome to the Burton 4 H Center Environmental Education Program

Published in: youtube > Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island > environmental education | Published on 28/Feb/2018 19:36

What to expect and how to pack if you are coming to the Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island Environmental Education program. --- Descriptive Text The video opens to the Burton 4-H Center road...

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Environmental Policy, Sustainability and Welfare

Published in: Google Books > > environmental sustainability | Published on 23/Feb/2018 07:15

208 pages , 2018-01-26
This comprehensive and accessible textbook addresses important relationships between economics and environmental policy, especially highlighting the role of taxation. It also connects environmental policy to social accounting by describing how measures of welfare and sustainable development depend on whether policies successfully internalize market failure...[Read More]

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Extreme Heat 2017 | Larsen C Detaches | Global Warming Disaster Imminent!

Published in: youtube > World Wide Weather > global warming | Published on 16/Feb/2018 01:53

The scientific community has long since agreed upon the fact that the planet is warming due to man made interference with the earth's natural cycles. However there are still thousands of people...

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Parasite ecology

Published in: facebook > page > environmental sustainability | Published on 04/Feb/2018 09:25

Parasitology is the study of parasites, their hosts, and the relationship between them. As a biological discipline, the scope of parasitology is not determined by the organism or environment in question, but by their way of life. This means it forms a synthesis of other disciplines, and draws on techniques from fields such as cell biology, bioinformatics, biochemistry, molecular biology, immunolog...[Read More]

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National Institute of Ecology

Published in: facebook > page > environmental sustainability | Published on 27/Jan/2018 00:01

또 하나의 작은 지구, 국립생태원 공식 페이스북입니다. 자연이 들려주는 미래의 꿈과 희망이 담긴 국립생태원으로 여러분을 초대합니다.

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Cost of Renewable Energy Spreadsheet (CREST)

Published in: youtube > Saqer Khalil > renewable energy | Published on 25/Jan/2018 22:14

The Cost of Renewable Energy Spreadsheet Tool (CREST) is an economic cash flow model designed to allow policymakers, regulators, and the renewable energy community to assess project economics,...

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