Soil and Environmental Science Dictionary

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > environmental science | Published on 19/Jun/2018 14:23

600 pages , CRC Press , 2001-06-22
The lingo of soil science is a language unto itself. Soil and Environmental Science Dictionary is a glossary of terms used in soil and environmental science, including terms from related disciplines. Designed for teachers, students, researchers and others interested or involved in environmental sciences related to soils, this compilatio...[Read More]

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Hybrid-Renewable Energy Systems in Microgrids Integration, Developments and Control

Published in: Google Books > Science > renewable energy | Published on 13/Jun/2018 23:38

290 pages , Woodhead Publishing , 2018-06-01
Hybrid-Renewable Energy Systems in Microgrids presents the most up-to-date research and developments on hybrid-renewable energy systems (HRES) in this one comprehensive resource. With an enriched collection of topics pertaining to the control and management of hybrid renewable systems, this book presents recent innovations whi...[Read More]

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Muslim Christian Dialogue

Published in: Google Books > Christianity and other religions > Environmental protection | Published on 01/Jun/2018 13:39

47 pages , khalid siddiqui , 2002
This book was written by a Muslim author who believes "that in the Bible, Jesus never claimed to be God; that Jesus did not die on the cross; that the miracles performed by Jesus were also performed by many other prophets, and even disbelievers; and that Jesus prophesied the advent of the Prophet Muhammad. All of this and much more is de...[Read More]

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Groundwater and Surface Water Pollution

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > pollution | Published on 28/May/2018 17:26

160 pages , CRC Press , 1999-11-29
Groundwater and Surface Water Pollution contains almost all the technical know-how required to clean up our water supply. It provides a survey of up-to-date technologies for remediation, as well as a step-by-step guide to pollution assessment for both ground and surface waters. The book defines groundwater, aquifers and surface water an...[Read More]

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Meltdown The Predictable Distortion of Global Warming by Scientists, Politicians, and the Media

Published in: Google Books > Nature > global warming | Published on 25/May/2018 07:03

271 pages , Cato Institute , 2005
Why do scientists so often offer dire predictions about the future of the environment? In Meltdown, climatologist Patrick Michaels argues that the way we do science today creates a culture of exaggeration and a political comunity that then takes credit for having saved us from certain doom.

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Fodor's The Complete Guide to African Safaris with South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, and the Seychelles

Published in: Google Books > Travel > ecology for kids | Published on 14/May/2018 03:51

660 pages , Fodor's Travel , 2013-05-07
Tourism in Africa is growing—the number of tourism arrivals increased from 37 million in 2003 to 58 million in 2009—and safaris are a key draw for visitors. Fodor’s The Complete Guide to African Safaris ebook provides the most comprehensive and engaging information on the most popular game-viewing regions in Kenya, South Afri...[Read More]

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Nonstop Metropolis A New York City Atlas

Published in: Google Books > Social Science > alternative power | Published on 23/Apr/2018 06:32

232 pages , Univ of California Press , 2016-10-19
"Nonstop Metropolis, the culminating volume in a trilogy of atlases, conveys innumerable unbound experiences of New York City through twenty-six imaginative maps and informative essays. Bringing together the insights of dozens of experts-from linguists to music historians, ethnographers, urbanists, and environmental journ...[Read More]

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Biodiversity Conservation and Phylogenetic Systematics Preserving our evolutionary heritage in an extinction crisis

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental management | Published on 22/Apr/2018 12:26

390 pages , Springer , 2016-02-24
This book is about phylogenetic diversity as an approach to reduce biodiversity losses in this period of mass extinction. Chapters in the first section deal with questions such as the way we value phylogenetic diversity among other criteria for biodiversity conservation; the choice of measures; the loss of phylogenetic diversity with ext...[Read More]

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Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming: Joseph Bast

Published in: youtube > The Heartland Institute > global warming | Published on 01/Apr/2018 09:25

Probably the most widely repeated claim in the debate over global warming is that '97\% of scientists agree' that climate change is man-made and dangerous,” the authors write. “This...

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Urban Ecology

Published in: Google Books > Urban ecology (Biology) > Ecology | Published on 16/Mar/2018 19:33

47 pages , Franklin Watts , 1988
Alternates factual information on the ecological aspects of an urban environment with activities and experiments, covering such areas as city water, parks and ponds, wild mammals in town, and trash.

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Culture of Power in Serbia Nationalism and the Destruction of Alternatives

Published in: Google Books > History > alternative power | Published on 07/Mar/2018 04:53

Penn State Press , 2010-11-01

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Pollination Services to Agriculture , Barbara Gemmill-Herren

Published in: itune > Engineering,Books,Professional & Technical,Science & Nature,Ecology > Sustainability | Published on 04/Mar/2018 09:37

It is only recently that the immense economic value of pollination to agriculture has been appreciated. At the same time, the alarming collapse in populations of bees and other pollinators has highlighted the urgency of addressing this issue. This book focuses on the specific measures and practices that the emerging science of pollination ecology is identifying to c...[Read More]

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