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A group devoted to dialogue about ecoculture and ecocultural communication. Originally started by Professor Tema Milstein's students and now including present and past students, scholars, practitioners, and other interested Earthlings from around the world. Focuses on local and global ecocultural issues and restorative and regenerative opportunities.

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Free Energy Magnet Motor fan used as Free Energy Generator "Free Energy" light bulb!

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This system of free energy fan rotation of magnet motor is used as free energy generator for lighting of bulb. For construction were used CPU fan, thin strong neodynium magnets and led lighting...

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Protecting the Gulf's Marine Ecosystems from Pollution

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285 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2008-03-05
This volume reviews present sources and levels of pollution in The Gulf, assesses their causes and effects on biota and ecosystems, and identifies preventive and remedial measures reducing levels of pollution and mitigating adverse impacts. It is supported by UNESCO, Doha.

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Family on the Loose The Art of Traveling with Kids

Published in: Google Books > Children > ecology for kids | Published on 26/Mar/2018 18:09

204 pages , 2012
Pack your bags, hop a plane, and take a trip! Embarking on a journey with your kids can be a thrilling and rewarding adventure. Family travel is also a great way to expand your cultural horizons and help cultivate our next generation of global citizens. This book offers hundreds of easy-to-use ideas for:* Drumming up excitement for the journey ahead* Teaching yo...[Read More]

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Fukushima Shows Nuclear Was Never Carbon Free - 30 Million Tons of Deadly Waste & Abandoned City's

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A Nuclear scientist iis a semi human that wants to kill all life while telling you nuclear is like a banana potato chip and walking in sunshine and carbon free for 74 years . . Fukushima produced...

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EcoKids Raising Children Who Care for the Earth

Published in: Google Books > Family & Relationships > environmental education | Published on 13/Mar/2018 18:25

240 pages , New Society Publishers , 2009-03-01
A one-of-a-kind book aimed at helping parents raise environmentally responsible children.

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The Alternative Towards a New Progressive Politics

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > alternative power | Published on 13/Mar/2018 09:54

300 pages , Biteback Publishing , 2016-08-25
The 2015 election result was a disaster for progressives in British politics, delivering a majority Conservative government at Westminster. And the outlook for the next election is not auspicious either, particularly amid the aftershocks of the momentous 2016 EU referendum result and with possible boundary changes in the offin...[Read More]

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Civil and Environmental Systems Engineering: Pearson New International Edition

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > environmental engineering | Published on 09/Mar/2018 16:50

528 pages , Pearson Higher Ed , 2013-10-03
For junior/senior-level courses in Systems Analysis or Systems Analysis and Economics as applied to civil engineering. With a reorganization and new material, the Second Edition of this acclaimed text is designed to enhance the student's learning experience by providing exposure to modeling ideas and concepts. Network flow probl...[Read More]

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Ecology for Kids

Published in: youtube > - European Research Media Center > ecology for kid | Published on 02/Mar/2018 18:34

Visit for more information! In the attempt to reduce pollution, European governments have agreed upon the Kyoto Protocol, which establishes quotas on gas release...

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No One Understands You and What to Do About It

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > green energy | Published on 28/Feb/2018 08:37

224 pages , Harvard Business Review Press , 2015-03-24
Have you ever felt you’re not getting through to the person you’re talking to, or not coming across the way you intend? You’re not alone. That’s the bad news. But there is something we can do about it. Heidi Grant Halvorson, social psychologist and bestselling author, explains why we’re often misunderstood ...[Read More]

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Environmental Crime in Transnational Context Global Issues in Green Enforcement and Criminology

Published in: Google Books > Law > environmental issues | Published on 08/Feb/2018 06:25

326 pages , Routledge , 2016-06-10
Environmental crime is one of the most profitable and fastest growing areas of international criminal activity. The increasing cross-border scope of environmental crimes and harms is one of the reasons why governments and the enforcement community have trouble in finding the proper responses. Law enforcement cooperation between western ...[Read More]

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