Essential Environmental Science Methods and Techniques

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental science | Published on 10/Jul/2018 22:50

544 pages , Routledge , 2003-09-02
Essential Environmental Science brings together within a single volume the vast range of techniques, methods and basic tools necessary for the study of the environment. Environmental science has a massive area of operation, utilising the tools from a plethora of traditional sciences and social sciences. This practical manual draws on co...[Read More]

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Environmental sustainability Short Film

Published in: youtube > SRK Pictures > environmental sustainability | Published on 04/Jul/2018 18:22

Save the Nature, Save the Earth, Save Tomorrow, Save our Future.

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3 seconds in the biosphere

Published in: youtube > hifihillary > Earth biosphere | Published on 01/Jul/2018 19:00

holding tank for air - or something - i was too distracted by the sound in this room. it took about 3 seconds for the reverb tails to end...

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Jeffrey Sachs: Sustainable action is the only option

Published in: youtube > Bonn Conference for Global Transformation > Sustainability | Published on 11/Jun/2018 23:21

Bonn Conference for Global Transformation, 12-13 May 2015, Jeffrey D. Sachs is Special Advisor to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the Millennium...

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Subcommittee hearing on small business renewable energy tax incentive possibilities

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > green energy | Published on 01/Jun/2018 07:26

54 pages , Government Printing Office , 2007-01-01

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North Pacific Fishery Management Council

Published in: wikipedia > english > North Pacific Fishery Management | Published on 29/May/2018 23:56

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC) is one of eight regional councils established by the Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act in 1976 to manage the fisheries of the United States. With jurisdiction over the 900,000-square-mile (2,300,000 km2) Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) off Alaska, the Council has primary responsibility for groundfish management in the Gulf of Alaska...[Read More]

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Bjorn Lomborg - Tackling Global Warming and Doing Good

Published in: youtube > The RSA > global warming | Published on 26/May/2018 21:16

Political scientist and author Professor Bjorn Lomborg will detail how global warming is real, important and manmade, but how the information has been presented in a one-sided and alarmist...

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Ecocultural Communication Page

Published in: facebook > group > green energy | Published on 18/May/2018 22:08

A group devoted to dialogue about ecoculture and ecocultural communication. Originally started by Professor Tema Milstein's students and now including present and past students, scholars, practitioners, and other interested Earthlings from around the world. Focuses on local and global ecocultural issues and restorative and regenerative opportunities.

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Free Energy Magnet Motor fan used as Free Energy Generator "Free Energy" light bulb!

Published in: youtube > Wasaby Sajado > alternative power | Published on 17/May/2018 08:17

This system of free energy fan rotation of magnet motor is used as free energy generator for lighting of bulb. For construction were used CPU fan, thin strong neodynium magnets and led lighting...

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Protecting the Gulf's Marine Ecosystems from Pollution

Published in: Google Books > Science > pollution | Published on 05/May/2018 15:45

285 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2008-03-05
This volume reviews present sources and levels of pollution in The Gulf, assesses their causes and effects on biota and ecosystems, and identifies preventive and remedial measures reducing levels of pollution and mitigating adverse impacts. It is supported by UNESCO, Doha.

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Family on the Loose The Art of Traveling with Kids

Published in: Google Books > Children > ecology for kids | Published on 26/Mar/2018 18:09

204 pages , 2012
Pack your bags, hop a plane, and take a trip! Embarking on a journey with your kids can be a thrilling and rewarding adventure. Family travel is also a great way to expand your cultural horizons and help cultivate our next generation of global citizens. This book offers hundreds of easy-to-use ideas for:* Drumming up excitement for the journey ahead* Teaching yo...[Read More]

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Fukushima Shows Nuclear Was Never Carbon Free - 30 Million Tons of Deadly Waste & Abandoned City's

Published in: youtube > BeautifulGirlByDana > renewable energy | Published on 15/Mar/2018 16:02

A Nuclear scientist iis a semi human that wants to kill all life while telling you nuclear is like a banana potato chip and walking in sunshine and carbon free for 74 years . . Fukushima produced...

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