Everglades Environmental Education: 40th Anniversary Celebration

Published in: youtube > Everglades National Park > environmental education | Published on 13/Jun/2018 08:54

Everglades National Park celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Everglades Education Program in 2011. Learn about the history and philosophy of the program from teachers and park staff who...

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Environmental Pollution Control Solutions by Environ, Ahmedabad

Published in: youtube > IndiaMART Sellers - Electronics & Machines > environmental engineering | Published on 05/Jun/2018 00:03

https://www.indiamart.com/environ-ahmedabad/] We “Environ”, are notable and prominent firm that is instrumental in manufacturing and service providing premium quality Wastewater Treatment...

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Handbook of Nature Study

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental education | Published on 26/May/2018 05:35

961 pages , Ravenio Books , 2016-05-31
NATURE-STUDY is, despite all discussions and perversions, a study of nature; it consists of simple, truthful observations that may, like beads on a string, finally be threaded upon the understanding and thus held together as a logical and harmonious whole. Therefore, the object of the nature-study teacher should be to cultivate in t...[Read More]

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Worldwide Emerging Environmental Issues Affecting the U.S. Military. February 2006 Report

Published in: Google Books > > environmental issues | Published on 14/May/2018 11:17

31 pages , 2006
The UN Secretary-General has appointed a 15-member international high-level panel to explore how to improve the work and efficiency of the UN system in the areas of development, humanitarian assistance, and environment. The study's outcomes will be used for the comprehensive UN management reform, complementing such other major reform initiatives as the new Peaceb...[Read More]

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Published in: facebook > group > environmental science | Published on 12/May/2018 10:18

This page is only for the members, alumni and advisers of the Forestry Ecological Society (FES), a semi-academic organization for forestry and environment-related degree students. Its chapters and alumni councils include Mindanao State University-Marawi, Central Mindanao University, Caraga State University, MSU-Lanao Norte Agricultural College, University of SouthEastern Philippines-Bislig, Bengue...[Read More]

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Paul Ferraro - Environmental Problems are Human Problems: insights from the behavioural sciences

Published in: youtube > CRASSH Cambridge > environmental issues | Published on 07/May/2018 04:38

Paul Ferraro, the Humanitas Visiting Professor in Sustainability Studies 2015-16, will give an open lecture as part of a series of events he will be doing while in Cambridge on the theme of...

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Environmental Science Masters Degree Program and Occupational Medicine Residency Program | Part 1

Published in: youtube > UT Health Northeast > environmental science | Published on 05/May/2018 08:22

UTHSCT Public Training: Environmental Science Masters Degree Program and Occupational Medicine Residency Program For more information: Ronica Leffall (903) 877-5071 ronica.leffall@uthct.edu.

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The Problem with Boys' Education Beyond the Backlash

Published in: Google Books > Education > environmental education | Published on 04/Apr/2018 00:20

312 pages , Routledge , 2009-08-03
This book offers an illuminating analysis of the theories, politics, and realities of boys’ education around the world -- an insightful and often disturbing account of various educational systems’ successes and failings in fostering intellectual and social growth in male students. Examining original research on the impact of impleme...[Read More]

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'The Role of Writers in Improving the Environment'

Published in: youtube > Sulabh International Videos > environmental issues | Published on 31/Jan/2018 07:03

"... A safe, healthy and functioning environment is a precondition for human welfare. Our wellbeing depends on a healthy environment, so we need to look after it—in our words as well as our...

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Trillions , Peter Lucas, Joe Ballay & Mickey McManus

Published in: itune > Business & Personal Finance,Books > recycling | Published on 26/Jan/2018 17:34

We are facing a future of unbounded complexity.  Whether that complexity is harnessed to build a world that is safe, pleasant, humane and profitable, or whether it causes us to careen off a cliff into an abyss of mind-numbing junk is an open question. The challenges and opportunities--technical, business, and human--that this technological sea change will bring...[Read More]

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Sustainability at Suncor: Does Suncor care about the environment?

Published in: youtube > Suncor Energy > Environment care | Published on 24/Jan/2018 11:52

We asked our employees their thoughts on whether Suncor cares about the environment. Here is what they said.

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Spiritual Ecology , Rudolf Steiner

Published in: itune > Spirituality,Books,Health, Mind & Body,Religion & Spirituality > Sustainability | Published on 10/Jun/2016 06:04

Today we face an increasing number of challenges connected to our environment - from climate change and extreme weather patterns to deforestation, threats to animal species and ongoing crises in farming. Hardly a day goes by without further alarming reports. How are we to respond - particularly if we wish to take a broader, spiritual view of these events? Today we f...[Read More]

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