Sustainability goals

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This video is about Sustainability goals.

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A Look at the Sustainable Development Goals

Published in: youtube > United Nations Foundation > Sustainability | Published on 20/May/2018 06:24 On September 25th 2015, 193 world leaders will commit to 17 Global Goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years. End extreme poverty. Fight inequality...

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Agriculture in the City A Key to Sustainability in Havana, Cuba

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244 pages , IDRC , 2003-01-01
Agriculture in the City: A Key to Sustainability in Havana Cuba

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For Hunger-proof Cities Sustainable Urban Food Systems

Published in: Google Books > Cooking > Sustainability | Published on 19/May/2018 19:06

239 pages , IDRC , 1999
For Hunger Proof Cities: Sustainable urban food systems

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Sustainability with Style

Published in: Google Books > Clothing and dress > Sustainability | Published on 19/May/2018 18:37

284 pages , Lisa Heinze , 2014-03-16
How did an image-obsessed shopaholic become an environmentalist and learn to achieve sustainability with style? It wasn't always an easy road, but after a few personal disasters Lisa figured out how to be green without losing her identity, and she's sharing her lessons with you. Part autobiography and part eco-guidebook, Lisa shares e...[Read More]

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Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret FULL'M.o.V.i.e'2014'HD''

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"~#Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret -(HD):»[[ ]]« ~: Subscribe on #Youtube :~:#Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret -HD:~$full'movie'English'HD:~Cowspiracy: The...

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Modelling Sustainable Development Transitions to a Sustainable Future

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > Sustainability | Published on 19/May/2018 05:40

259 pages , Edward Elgar Pub , 2009
'This book offers valuable analysis, insights and pragmatic guidelines from a group of leading researchers who have ample experience with sustainability indicators and their use in applied economic models. It is an important contribution to the growing literature on making development more sustainable, and nicely complements recent wor...[Read More]

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Sustainable Development and Learning Framing the Issues

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > Sustainability | Published on 18/May/2018 23:03

173 pages , Psychology Press , 2003
The book builds on existing work across a number of fields, as well as on original international research, in order to model the complexity of the problems, the institutional contexts in which they arise, and the interrelationships between these. Areas explored include the policy context, the links between sustainable development and l...[Read More]

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Why We Need to Think Differently About Sustainability: Leyla Acaroglu at TEDxMelbourne

Published in: youtube > TEDx Talks > Sustainability | Published on 18/May/2018 16:56

Leyla Acaroglu (A-jar-a-loo) is a sustainability strategist and leading proponent of systemic life cycle based sustainability. She is the founder and director of Eco Innovators, designer, social...

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Planning for a Sustainable Local Food System

Published in: youtube > GOTO2040 > Sustainability | Published on 18/May/2018 10:23

Video highlights the importance of local food as it travels from the farm to the table. By producing more of the food we consume locally, we keep money in the region, support local businesses,...

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Sustainability Impact Assessment of Land Use Changes

Published in: Google Books > Political Science > Sustainability | Published on 18/May/2018 08:20

508 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2008-06-11
There are many reasons why strategic intelligence is required to support policy decisions. These primarily stem from the nature of today's kno- edge society with two contrasting trends. On the one hand, there is a trend of increasing human intelligence in the economic, social and political s- tems. On the other h...[Read More]

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Analytics, Innovation, and Excellence-Driven Enterprise Sustainability

Published in: Google Books > Business & Economics > Sustainability | Published on 18/May/2018 07:04

285 pages , Springer , 2017-02-26
This book offers a unique view of how innovation and competitiveness improve when organizations establish alliances with partners who have strong capabilities and broad social capital, allowing them to create value and growth as well as technological knowledge and legitimacy through new knowledge resources. Organizational intelligence in...[Read More]

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