Visual Pollution

Published in: youtube > Erik Vlemmix > pollution | Published on 14/May/2018 14:09

This video investigates how the architecture of public space is invaded by commercial advertisement. It reveals the balance between the amount of cultural-historical sites and the amount of...

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Environmental Sustainability Issues in the South Texas–Mexico Border Region

Published in: Google Books > Science > environmental sustainability | Published on 11/May/2018 16:11

198 pages , Springer Science & Business Media , 2013-08-26
Environmental sustainability issues in a fragile, semi-arid region and its coastal area, which experience climate changes from extreme drought conditions to the effects of hurricanes over a period of weeks to years, provide specific challenges for the ecosystems and the populations existing within the region. The...[Read More]

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Living in the Hothouse How Global Warming Affects Australia

Published in: Google Books > Nature > global warming | Published on 08/May/2018 10:00

232 pages , Scribe Publications Pty Limited , 2005
In 1989 Ian Lowe published Living in the Greenhouse, one of the first books to be published in Australia on the greenhouse effect. Since then, the signs of global warming have become even more clear and more worrying to the international community, as demonstrated by the Kyoto Protocol. In Australia and around the world ...[Read More]

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Published in: wikipedia > english > User:Sadondakis/sandbox | Published on 05/May/2018 05:08

The Hartwell Paper calls for a reorientation of climate policy after the perceived failure in 2009 of the UNFCCC climate conference in Copenhagen. It was a response to the United Nations' Kyoto Protocol, a previous international agreement meant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The paper was published in May 2010 by the London School of Economics in cooperation with the University of Oxford. The...[Read More]

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Planet Earth: The Future

Published in: wikipedia > english > Planet Earth: The Future | Published on 14/Apr/2018 21:13

Planet Earth: The Future is a 2006 BBC documentary series on the environment and conservation, produced by the BBC Natural History Unit as a companion to the multi-award winning nature documentary Planet Earth. The programmes were originally broadcast on BBC Four immediately after the final three episodes of Planet Earth on BBC One. Each episode highlights the conservation issues surrounding some ...[Read More]

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California Native Plant Society

Published in: facebook > group > environmental education | Published on 10/Apr/2018 01:27

Conserve California native plants and their natural habitats, and increase understanding, appreciation, and horticultural use of native plants. -------------------------------------------------- MISSION STATEMENT To conserve California native plants and their natural habitats, and increase understanding, appreciation, and horticultural use of native plants. VISION STATEMENT...[Read More]

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Metal cans - How are they recycled?

Published in: youtube > Recycle Now > recycling | Published on 06/Apr/2018 17:25

Find out how metal cans can be recycled and what they may become. This animation showing how metal cans are recycled is brought to you by to give an insight into how different...

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Global Warming

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Nonfiction > global warming | Published on 31/Mar/2018 17:23

96 pages , Greenhaven Press, Incorporated , 2006
Explores differing views on global warming and uses the opposing viewpoints format to increase proficiency in writing critical essays, with emphasis on organizing ideas and arguments in the five-paragraph essay and in longer pieces of writing.

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NessAlla Kombucha: Sustainability and Integrity

Published in: youtube > NessAlla Kombucha > Sustainability | Published on 23/Mar/2018 14:21

NessAlla Kombucha is committed to supporting our community through the health of our people and our products. Find out more from founders Vanessa Tortolano and Alla Shapiro.

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Global Warming ASMR, Whispery soft spoken

Published in: youtube > Michael Soothing ASMR > global warming | Published on 16/Mar/2018 08:09

Global Warming, Whispery and soft spoken ASMR! See many links below for sources and resources. This is a relaxed ramble and look at some of the data. Polar Ice, sea level rise, et al starts...

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Are There Any Lions In The Jungle?

Published in: youtube > LightSeaGreen Help > Earth biosphere | Published on 27/Feb/2018 23:48

The lion is the 'king of beasts' (very longstanding tradition), from africa, all africa a 'jungle' filled with guys in pith helmets and savage natives, ergo 'lion king ie, 'concrete jungle',...

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How a Sustainable Aquaponics Farm Grows 7000 Heads of Lettuce a Week

Published in: youtube > Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens > Sustainability | Published on 15/Feb/2018 14:12

John from goes on a field trip to Sustainable Harvesters, one of the largest commercial aquaponic farms in texas. You will discover how they are able to grow...

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