The life story of John P. Allen, inventor of the largest laboratory for global ecology ever built and one of the most luminous minds of our time. Contained within a magnificently designed air-tight glass-and-steel-framed setting, Biosphere 2 covered three acres of Arizona desert and included models of seven biomes: an ocean with coral reef, marsh, rainforest, savann...[Read More]

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The Environment: Why do you care?

Published in: youtube > Sonia Aronson > Environment care | Published on 16/May/2018 01:52

This is a video made for a 9th grade history project. The main point is to showcase the impact the environment has on us today and to see how this affects people in their daily thoughts and lives.

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Regional Environmental Management Plan Issues and Approaches : Proceedings of the Workshop on Regional Environmental Quality Management, Held on 25 November 1998 in New Delhi, India

Published in: Google Books > Environmental management > environmental management | Published on 14/May/2018 11:49

134 pages , Tata Energy Research Institute , 1999
This Book Broadly Covers The Various Aspects Of Developmental Planning And Discusses The Methodologies That Are Being Adopted By Different Agencies For Preparing Environmental Management Plans For Different Regions. Shortcomings In Currently Prevalent Methodologies, The Difficulties Envisaged While Preparing Such Plans, A...[Read More]

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Nihot Recycling SDS at William Tracey C&D and C&I sorting plant

Published in: youtube > NihotRecycling > recycling | Published on 22/Apr/2018 19:13

Nihot Recycling at William Tracey, a combined C&D and C&I sorting plant (30 t/h) For more information about Nihot: http://www.nihot.nl/

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The past, present and future of Australian environmental science

Published in: youtube > Australian Academy of Science > environmental science | Published on 20/Apr/2018 18:04

Through growth in the scale and reach of its activities, humankind is now profoundly influencing the environment of the Earth - its climate, land, waters and ecosystems. Australian science...

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Indoor Air Pollution: The Silent Killer

Published in: youtube > bananasplit361 > pollution | Published on 18/Apr/2018 17:39

This is a public service announcement brought to you by SEA-DISC. It informs homeowners of the dangers of air pollution in their own homes.

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Wildlife Ecology Degrees

Published in: youtube > Gani Hepak > ecology for kid | Published on 11/Apr/2018 15:22

Teaching Masters Degree - fullsail.edu Competency-based Degrees? - pl.nau.edu LVN College Orange County - stanbridge.edu Int'l Business Program - herzingonline.edu education with value - liberty...

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Horticulture for Sustainable Income and Environmental Protection: Advances in horticultural practices, fruits, and ornamentals

Published in: Google Books > Horticulture > Environmental protection | Published on 05/Apr/2018 23:57

718 pages , Concept Publishing Company , 2006-01-01
Contributed papers presented at the Seminar jointly organized by Dept. of Horticulture, Nagaland University and Nagaland Government; with reference to North Eastern States of India.

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Published in: wikipedia > english > CEEQUAL | Published on 12/Mar/2018 04:34

CEEQUAL, is the international evidence-based sustainability assessment, rating and awards scheme for civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and works in public spaces. It was established following work promoted by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and operated with a group of 14 industry shareholders. In November 2015 CEEQUAL was acquired by Building Research Establishment (BRE Glob...[Read More]

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Bruno Latour on International negotiations for Environmental protection

Published in: youtube > FEEMchannel > Environmental protection | Published on 09/Mar/2018 03:30

Bruno Latour, Professor at Sciences Po, Paris, explains the main reasons for the repeated failures of international negotiations for environmental protection.

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Cool It! - Alternative Energy

Published in: youtube > izzitEDU > alternative power | Published on 04/Mar/2018 17:19

Nathan Myhrvold, James Hansen, Bill Gates and Bjorn Lomborg talk about the promise of the Terra Power reactor, which uses nuclear waste as fuel. To learn more about this educational program,...

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Published in: facebook > group > Earth biosphere | Published on 04/Mar/2018 05:43

Friends, I have created this group to firstly connect the biologists through discussion..And to have also a taste of what our brothers and sisters have learnt in Undergraduate School, Graduate School, medical school OR General knowledge. I think this can improve our knowledge as Biology is very diverse..Thanks for joining!

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