Introduction to Education for sustainable Development (ESD - WWF-India)

Published in: youtube > prithvimedia > Sustainability | Published on 13/May/2018 05:36

This DVD has been made to inform and sensitise teachers and education coordinators on various principles of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). It includes a description of WWF-India's...

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Global Warming Physics and Facts : Washington, D.C., 1991

Published in: Google Books > Science > global warming | Published on 13/May/2018 01:49

311 pages , Amer Inst of Physics , 1992-01-01

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Disturbance and Ecological Succession

Published in: youtube > Vance Kite > Ecology | Published on 26/Apr/2018 18:19

An introduction to ecological disturbance and succession. Table of Contents: 00:26 - Objectives 00:40 - Equilibrium 01:18 - Disturbance 01:54 - Intermediate Disturbance 03:05 - Let it Burn...

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MSc Environmental Protection and Management - Jasper Keupink

Published in: youtube > School of GeoSciences > Environmental protection | Published on 26/Apr/2018 05:25

Jasper, a now graduated student of the MSc Environmental Protection and Management programme discusses the programme and his experience studying at The University of Edinburgh. Photo credits:...

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The Sky's Not Falling! Why It's OK to Chill about Global Warming

Published in: Google Books > Juvenile Nonfiction > global warming | Published on 22/Apr/2018 19:51

126 pages , WND Books , 2007
Challenges generally accepted beliefs concerning the causes of global warming and the effects it will have on Earth and its inhabitants, and offers market-based solutions to protect the environment while fostering economic growth.

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Public interest design

Published in: wikipedia > english > Public interest design | Published on 18/Apr/2018 22:18

Public interest design is a human-centered and participatory design practice that places emphasis on the “triple bottom line” of sustainable design that includes ecological, economic, and social issues and on designing products, structures, and systems that address issues such as economic development and the preservation of the environment. Starting in the late 1990s, several books, convenings...[Read More]

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Trophic species

Published in: wikipedia > english > Trophic species | Published on 31/Mar/2018 12:57

Trophic species are a group of organisms that are aggregated according to their common trophic (feeding) positions in a food web or food chain. Trophic species have identical prey and a shared set of predators in the food web. This means that members of a trophic species share many of the same kinds of ecological functions. The idea of trophic species was first devised by Joel Cohen and Frederick ...[Read More]

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Environmental Sustainability

Published in: youtube > techdriven sustainability > environmental sustainability | Published on 04/Mar/2018 17:27

Environmental Sustainability at a glance! Save Earth . Re think.

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Care Caskets - Creative.Affordable.Respectful of the Environment

Published in: youtube > b4rtm4n88 > Environment care | Published on 26/Feb/2018 14:32

Manufacturers of 100% environmentally friendly, multipurpose, furniture grade, wooden caskets and urns. Our products are built in Ohio by American hands. We utilize local trees damaged by insects,...

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Practical Handbook of Processing and Recycling Municipal Waste

Published in: Google Books > Science > recycling | Published on 18/Feb/2018 22:12

576 pages , CRC Press , 1996-09-12
If we could understand the scientific and engineering principles behind recycling, our ability to use reprocessed materials would improve considerably. If we could then apply those principles, our efforts to process and recycle waste would be significantly more efficient and cost-effective. Practical Handbook of Processing and Recycling...[Read More]

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Environmental Science, Safety and Health Technologies

Published in: youtube > Columbus State Community College > environmental science | Published on 17/Feb/2018 05:24

The Environmental Science, Safety and Health Technology program was established to provide the skills necessary for a variety of careers in the environmental industry. The curriculum is very...

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Renewable Energy: Solar Panel System Components

Published in: youtube > nmsuaces > renewable energy | Published on 15/Feb/2018 20:06

Using a demonstration model, NMSU Professor Thomas Jenkins describes the different components of a home photovoltaic system that also includes battery storage.

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