Research Methods Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications

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2072 pages , Information Science Reference , 2015-01-01
"This book compiles chapters on key considerations in the management, development, and distribution of data through its focus on both fundamental concepts and advanced topics"--

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The Associated Press Stylebook 2017

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536 pages , Basic Books , 2017-07-11
The style of the Associated Press is the gold standard for news writing. With The AP Stylebook in hand, you can learn how to write and edit with the clarity and professionalism for which they are famous. Fully revised and updated, this new edition contains more than 3,000 A to Z entries—including more than 200 new ones—detailing t...[Read More]

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Great Books About Things Kids Love More Than 750 Recommended Books for Children 3 to 14

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464 pages , Ballantine Books , 2008-12-18
BOOKS THAT TURN CHILDREN INTO LIFE-LONG READERS! Most children want to read a book because it's about something they love or are curious about--dinosaurs, magic tricks, ballerinas, sports, secret codes, and a host of other topics. Now with this unique book, Kathleen Odean, current chair of the Newberry Award committee and author ...[Read More]

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Current environmental engineering summaries

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1110 pages , Government Inst , 1993-08

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Botany & Plant Ecology. , Michigan Academician

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Keynote Address: The Rare Flora of Michigan; Status and Research Needs for Conservation. Michael Penskar, Senior Conservation Scientist-Lead Botanist, Michigan Natural Features Inventory. The Integrin-binding Peptide, RGD, Causes Cell Death in Suspension Culture Cells of Daucus carota. Emily Williams, Tristan Kemps ton, Robert Bradley, Mark Staves, and Sheila Bla...[Read More]

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Life science and biology have always been quite interesting, but if your child is not into them, then this workbook will step in to help. Created with powerful pictures and one-liners, this book is the perfect complement to what your child calls boring school lectures. Go ahead and grab a copy of this workbook today!

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"Environmental Sustainability Gone Wrong!" by Amber Cicotte

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"Environmental Sustainability Gone Wrong!" by Amber Cicotte.

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An Introduction to Scientific Research Methods in Geography and Environmental Studies

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328 pages , SAGE , 2012-12-10
"Covers a broad range of subjects that undergraduates in the discipline should be familiar and comfortable with upon graduation. From chapters on the scientific method and fundamental research concepts, to experimental design, sampling and statistical analysis, the text offers an excellent introduction to the key concepts of geographical res...[Read More]

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The Renewable Energy Home Handbook

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192 pages , Veloce Publishing Ltd , 2015-03-01
Most renewable energy systems aren’t new, but their use is. This handbook shows how each of the main renewable energy technologies works, along with step-by-step details of how it’s installed, as well as the pros and – at least as importantly – the cons of each type of installation.

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Planning for Cycling , H. McClintock

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Successful cycling planning depends on combining improvements to infrastructure with education. There are chapters examining both national strategies and local initiatives in cities around the world, including such topics as changes to existing road infrastructure and the integration of cycling with public transport. Since education is a critical element in cycling ...[Read More]

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Prepper's Long-Term Survival Guide Food, Shelter, Security, Off-the-Grid Power and More Life-Saving Strategies for Self-Sufficient Living

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240 pages , Ulysses Press , 2014-03-25
A STEP-BY-STEP, DON'T-OVERLOOK-ANYTHING WORKBOOK OF DIY PROJECTS THAT PREPARE HOME AND FAMILY FOR ANY LIFE-THREATENING CATASTROPHE The preparation you make for a hurricane, earthquake or other short-term disaster will not keep you alive in the event of widespread social collapse caused by pandemic, failure of the grid or other long-...[Read More]

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cologie , Encyclopaedia Universalis & Les Grands Articles

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Le terme cologie (du grec oikos, demeure, et logos, science) a t propos par Ernst Haeckel en 1866 pour dsigner la science qui tudie les rapports entre les organismes et le milieu o ils vivent. Cette dfinition reste encore valable, mais elle demande tre approfondie et prcise, car elle est trop gnrale...

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