Water Pollution Causes and Effects in Australia and New Zealand

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203 pages , University of Queensland Press(Australia) , 1993
Revised and updated edition of an introductory text, first published in 1974, which outlines some of the most recent advances in knowledge of the behaviour and toxicology of chemicals. Provides a detailed coverage of known water pollutants, as well as discussing the chemical and biological changes resulting fro...[Read More]

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Behind us is a giant volcanic crater called Haleakal?. Along with Kilauea and Mauna Loa, they're the stuff that Hawai'i is made of. The word here is vulcanism, and in these islands, it's as much a threat to human life as are tsunamis and typhoons.

As a boy sitting in Mr. Coy Mabe's 8th grade earth science class, I was bored by...[Read More]

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Ecology Basic and Applied

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250 pages , M.D. Publications Pvt. Ltd. , 1994-01-01
In recent years much has been said and written about the science of Ecology at all levels in our educational system. The study of Ecology occupies an important place in the science curriculum, if only because being concerned with all aspects of life, it impinges closely on man himself. The outstanding claim of Ecology ...[Read More]

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Advances in Ecological Research , M. Begon

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Concerns about the increasing greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and the resulting global effects have received high visibility in the general media as well as scientific journals. These concerns have been translatedinto several projects from the international scientific community-projects aimed to better understand the processes of climate and how these changes imp...[Read More]

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Events of Increased Biodiversity , Pascal Neige

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The fossil record offers a surprising image: that of evolutionary radiations characterized by intense increases in cash or by the sudden diversification of a single species group, while others stagnate or die out. In a modern world, science carries an often pessimistic message, surrounded by studies of global warming and its effects, extinction crisis, emerging di...[Read More]

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During recent years, environmental debate worldwide has been dominated by climate change, carbon emissions and eff orts to achieve low carbon economies. But a number of academic, technical, political, business and NGO initiatives indicate that there is a new wave of environmental attention focused on a wholly different set of subjects: namely that of natural capital...[Read More]

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Amphibian Ecology and Conservation , C. Kenneth Dodd, Jr.

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Describes the latest methodologies used to study the ecology of amphibians throughout the world. Each of the 27 chapters explains a research approach or technique, with emphasis on careful planning and the potential biases of techniques. Statistical modelling, landscape ecology, and disease are covered for the first time in a techniques handbook.

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The New Ecology , Oswald J. Schmitz

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Our species has transitioned from being one among millions on Earth to the species that is single-handedly transforming the entire planet to suit its own needs. In order to meet the daunting challenges of environmental sustainability in this epoch of human domination--known as the Anthropocene--ecologists have begun to think differently about the interdependencies b...[Read More]

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Maria Kaika explains Political Ecology

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Maria Kaika explains what is political ecology.

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Echoes of Life , Susan M. Gaines, Geoffrey Eglinton & Jurgen Rullkotter

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In 1936 a German chemist identified certain organic molecules that he had extracted from ancient rocks and oils as the fossil remains of chlorophyll--presumably from plants that had lived and died millions of years in the past. It was another twenty-five years before this insight was developed and the term "biomarker" coined to describe fossil molecules whose molecu...[Read More]

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Water Bridges Everywhere , London Campbell

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Water Bridges Everywhere is a book that reads like a blend between prose and a simple Call To Action. The opening video is wonderful for studying water at a fractal level, or simply for meditation. Enjoy Water Bridges Everywhere during any and every day of the year. Water truly is our bridge.

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New England and Canada , Robert Owen Cobb

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WWe're on another extended cruise. Rather than from Seattle WA to Skagway AK, we're headed from Boston MA to Qubec City QE and back, on a fourteen-day roundtrip.

This time, poor Clara had to remain behind since the autumn foliage voyage departed long after she had began her senior year in high school. Dad had agreed to serve as backup cameraman in her a...[Read More]

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