Handbook on Growth and Sustainability

Published in: Google Books > > Sustainability | Published on 17/Aug/2018 18:02

Edward Elgar Publishing , 2017-06-30
This Handbook assembles original contributions from influential authors such as Herman Daly, Paul Ekins, Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Jeroen van den Bergh, William E. Rees and Tim Jackson who have helped to define our understanding of growth and sustainability. The Handbook also presents new contributions on topics such as degrowth, the debt-base...[Read More]

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Tourism: Tourism, development and sustainability

Published in: Google Books > Tourism. > Sustainability | Published on 17/Aug/2018 15:24

416 pages , Taylor & Francis , 2004
This collection of key articles from the most influential journals and books in the field examines what social scientists mean by the term tourism, and what it means to be a tourist. Carefully selected and introduced by the editor, this material charts the sociological changes that have occurred in tourism, and the change from the uppe...[Read More]

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Designing sustainable practices: innovations for sustainable living

Published in: youtube > Consensus > Sustainability | Published on 17/Aug/2018 14:18

How can we achieve sustainable living? This video designed by Consensus research explains an alternative approach that re-frames the challenge of sustainable behavior change as a challenge...

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Amartya Sen on the Sustainable Development Goals #globalgoals

Published in: youtube > UNU-WIDER > Sustainability | Published on 17/Aug/2018 08:58

In his interview during the UNU-WIDER 30th anniversary events Nobel laureate in economics Professor Amartya Sen gave an interview on the past and future challenges to development. When asked...

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The Sustainable Development Paradox Urban Political Economy in the United States and Europe

Published in: Google Books > Science > Sustainability | Published on 17/Aug/2018 06:52

310 pages , Guilford Press , 2007-08-30
Sustainability--with its promise of economic prosperity, social equity, and environmental integrity--is hardly a controversial goal. Yet scholars have generally overlooked the ways that policies aimed at promoting "sustainability" at local, national, and global scales have been shaped and constrained by capitalist social relations....[Read More]

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Advanced Manufacturing and Sustainable Logistics 8th International Heinz Nixdorf Symposium, IHNS 2010, Paderborn, Germany, April 21-22, 2010, Proceedings

Published in: Google Books > Computers > Sustainability | Published on 17/Aug/2018 01:51

444 pages , Springer , 2010-04-15
Intimesofdecliningeconomicgrowth,companieshavetocontroltheircostsmore than ever to saveresources needed in the future. Regardless of the economic size of the company, the processes of production and logistics play a decisive role in stabilizing procedures and avoiding waste. Both are important cost drivers in manufacturing companies and ...[Read More]

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Sustainable Tourism 2012

Published in: youtube > The Travel Foundation > Sustainability | Published on 16/Aug/2018 21:42

Sustainable Tourism means Business...watch this short film to find out why taking action on sustainable tourism is a must, with comments from key leaders in the industry.

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Handbook of Research on Pedagogical Innovations for Sustainable Development

Published in: Google Books > Education > Sustainability | Published on 16/Aug/2018 16:19

800 pages , IGI Global , 2014-03-31
Summary: "This book brings together case study examples in the fields of sustainability, sustainable development, and education for sustainable development"--

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Green Growth: A New Model for Sustainable Development in Asia

Published in: youtube > Asia LEDS Partnership > Sustainability | Published on 16/Aug/2018 13:19

To achieve sustainable economic growth in Asia, a new economic model is needed that boosts development, reduces poverty, and provides a high quality of life. Read more at: http://asialeds.org.

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Arsenic Research and Global Sustainability As 2016 Proceedings of the Sixth International Congress on Arsenic in the Environment, June 19-23, 2016, Stockholm, Sweden

Published in: Google Books > > Sustainability | Published on 16/Aug/2018 11:45

730 pages , CRC Press , 2016-06-07
The Congress "Arsenic in the Environment" offers an international, multi- and interdisciplinary discussion platform for research and innovation aimed towards a holistic solution to the problem posed by the environmental toxin arsenic, with considerable societal impact. The congress has focused on cutting edge and breakthrough research i...[Read More]

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Resource Sustainability and Caribbean Development

Published in: Google Books > History > Sustainability | Published on 16/Aug/2018 05:34

408 pages , University of West Indies Press , 1998
This is a study of resource sustainability and Caribbean development.

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Sustainability -- Are we winning? | Peter Newman | TEDxPerth

Published in: youtube > TEDx Talks > Sustainability | Published on 16/Aug/2018 03:48

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Most sustainability talks are about the doom and despair associated with climate change. In his talk,...

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