British Columbia - Environmental Sustainability PART1

Published in: youtube > Viewpointlearning > environmental sustainability | Published on 18/Aug/2018 13:44

Citizens of British Columbia discuss the barriers to environmental sustainability.

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A Safe and Sustainable World The Promise Of Ecological Design

Published in: Google Books > Architecture > ecology for kids | Published on 18/Aug/2018 13:01

224 pages , Island Press , 2012-07-16
In the late sixties, as the world was waking to a need for Earth Day, a pioneering group founded a small non-profit research and education organization they called the New Alchemy Institute. Their aim was to explore the ways a safer and more sustainable world could be created. In the ensuing years, along with scientists, agriculturis...[Read More]

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The Future of Energy

Published in: Google Books > Science > green energy | Published on 18/Aug/2018 09:58

376 pages , Academic Press , 2014-06-16
Using the principle that extracting energy from the environment always involves some type of impact on the environment, The Future of Energy discusses the sources, technologies, and tradeoffs involved in meeting the world's energy needs. A historical, scientific, and technical background set the stage for discussions on a wide rang...[Read More]

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Planetary Praxis & Pedagogy Transdisciplinary Approaches to Environmental Sustainability

Published in: Google Books > Education > environmental sustainability | Published on 18/Aug/2018 09:56

150 pages , Springer , 2015-11-02
“Good books make important points because their authors have something worthwhile to say. This book is more than a good book because its authors not only make important points but they do so in ways that exemplify the transdisciplinarity the authors write about. In eight interesting and insightful chapters the book connects pedagogy, m...[Read More]

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Grasping Sustainability: A Debate on Resilience Theory vs Political Ecology

Published in: youtube > CSDUppsala > Ecology | Published on 18/Aug/2018 08:56

Sustainability is a contested concept, of acute relevance to current discussions on how to ensure human and broader biological survival with limited earthly resources. Resilience theory and...

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The Biofuel Delusion The Fallacy of Large Scale Agro-biofuels Production

Published in: Google Books > Technology & Engineering > renewable energy | Published on 18/Aug/2018 08:41

337 pages , Earthscan , 2009
Faced with the twin threats of peak oil and climate change, many governments have turned for an answer to the apparent panacea of biofuels. Yet, increasingly, the progressive implementation of this solution demonstrates that the promise of biofuels as a replacement to fossil fuels is in fact a mirage that, if followed, risks leaving us short ...[Read More]

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Kids Ecology Corps Movie

Published in: youtube > KidsEcologyCorpsPBC > ecology for kids | Published on 18/Aug/2018 08:32

The Kids Ecology Corps is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization whose mission is to inspire young people to make environmental action part of their everyday ...

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Schizophrenia Simple Type (Hindi) स्किझोफ्रेनिया (छिन्नमानस) by Dr. Deepak Kelkar

Published in: youtube > Deepak Kelkar > environmental management | Published on 18/Aug/2018 08:13

Simple Schizophrenia (Hindi) स्किझोफ्रेनिया (छिन्नमानस) by Dr. Deepak Kelkar Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by abnormal social...

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Toyota Prius 2018 Car Review

Published in: youtube > Best Car Review > Environmental protection | Published on 18/Aug/2018 07:16

Toyota Prius 2018 Car Review The Toyota Prius is an entire hybrid electric automobile produced by Toyota and manufactured with the company since 1997. Initially offered being a 4-door sedan,...

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Custom Ecology, Inc.

Published in: facebook > page > environmental sustainability | Published on 18/Aug/2018 06:58

Custom Ecology, Inc. is a leading provider in long haul logistics services for industrial, hazardous, and municipal waste. CEI specializes in hauling waste the major waste management providers in North America. CEI also operates solid waste transfer stations and executes certain roles at landfills for customers. We are headquartered just outside Atlanta in Mableton, Georgia and have terminal locat...[Read More]

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Biology Environmental Issues part 22 (Ozone Layer) class 12 XII

Published in: youtube > ExamFear Education > environmental issues | Published on 18/Aug/2018 06:51

Biology Environmental Issues part 22 (Ozone Layer) class 12 XII.

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Environmental Management in ASEAN Perspectives on Critical Regional Issues

Published in: Google Books > Economic development > environmental management | Published on 18/Aug/2018 06:29

178 pages , Institute of Southeast Asian Studies , 1993
The problem of environmental degradation in the ASEAN region cannot be underestimated. The articles in this book examine some of the common environmental issues faced by countries in the region. They provide a brief overview of some major environmental problems such as fisheries management, tropcal deforestation, an...[Read More]

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